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Shi’ism and the Quran

The Imami Shia have not only misinterpreted the Qur’an, but they have made actual alterations in the text itself:

The false verse, “And we made ‘Ali your in-law”has been added to Surah Al-Inshirah (Al-Kafi p.289)

In 25:74, the verse “And make us a leader (Imam) for the God-fearing” is replaced with “And make for us a leader (Imam) from among the God-fearing.”

Of even greater audacity is the addition of an entirely fabricated surah to the Qur’an, called, “Surah al-Walayah” Translation of this false surah is as follows:

1) O believers, believe in the Prophet and the guardian (wali), whom We sent to guide you to the straight path.
2) A Prophet and a Guardian, one from the other, and I am the Knower, the Wise.
3) Verily those who fulfill their covenant to Allah will have gardens of pleasure.
4) And for those who deny our signs when they are read to them,
5) Verily they will have a terrible place in Hell when they are called for on the Day of Judgment, ‘Where are the wrong-doers who denied the messengers?’
6) He only created them in truth and Allah will surely make them victorious until a time in the near future.
7) Glorify the praises of your Lord and ‘Ali is among the witnesses.

But perhaps the greatest level of audacity is in the assertion that the Qur’an that we now possess is not the true Qur’an at all, but rather a fabrication:

“Abu Baseer reported that he said to Imam Ja’far, “O Abu Abdullah (Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq) What is Mushaf Fatimah?” He replied “It is a Qur’an containing three times what is found in your copy of the Qur’an; yet by Allah, it does not contain even a single letter from your Qur’an.” (Al-Kafi p.385)

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