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Taqiyyah or ‘Calculated Deception’

One other Imami Shia doctrine that must be related is the doctrine of Taqiyyah, or dissimulation, (i.e. calculated deception). In support of this doctrine of deception, the shia attribute the following to Abu Abdullah (Ja’far as-Sadiq):

“Nine tenths of religion is taqiyyah (dissimulation), hence one who does not dissimulate has no religion.” (Al-Kafi vol.9 p.110)

“He who conceals his religion has saved it, and he who makes it public has destroyed it.”

“A believer who does not dissimulate is like a body without a head.” (Tafseer al-Askari)

“Mix with them(i.e. non-shia) externally but oppose them internally.” (Al-Kafi vol.9 p.116)

Concerning the verse, “Verily the most noble of you in Allah’s sight is the most God-fearing(atqaakum)” , the shia attribute the following interpretation of “atqaakum”: “That is, your deeds done by taqiyyah(dissimulation) (Al-I’tiqadat)

It is interesting to contrast this doctrine of calculated deception with Allah’s statement in the Holy Qur’an: “Surely those who hide from people the clear proofs and guidance, which we clarified in the Book(Qur’an), will be cursed by Allah and all those who curse.” (2:159)

And the statement of the Prophet ﷺ who said: “Whoever is asked for knowledge and conceals it will have a bridle of fire around his neck on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi)

I should stress that not all who are called shia hold to these deviant and idolatrous beliefs. As mentioned earlier, the Zaydi Shia hold no real differences of aqeedah, but only the political position that the Caliph should be from the descendants of ‘Ali.

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