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The Story of Salman al-Farisi

All the Jews and Christians of that time recognized God’s Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings. As stated in the Qur’an, They recognize him as they recognize their sons (al-Baqara, 2.146). After his conversion, ‘Umar asked ‘Adbullah ibn Salam if he had recognized God’s Messen-ger. ‘I recognized him’, Ibn Salam answered and added, ‘I may doubt my children – my wife might have deceived me; but I have no doubt about God’s Messenger being the Last Prophet.’

Especially the Jews in Madina were awaiting the coming of a Prophet and expected that he would appear in Madina. Whenever a conflict appeared between them and the Arab people of Madina – the Aws and Hajrac tribes – they threatened them that they would destroy them when the Prophet appeared. However, although they recognized the Prophet Muhammad as they recognized their sons, they rejected him only because he did not belong to their tribe.

The Story of Salman al-Farisi

The Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, was one who had been sought for centuries. Salman al-Farisi was one of those seekers. Originally he was a Magian, a fire worshipper. However, he was inwardly burning to find the eternal truth, and left home. Before embracing Islam, he had worked for several Christian monks, the last of whom advised Salman on his deathbed:

“Son, there is nobody left to whom I can commend you. But according to what we read in our books, the Last Prophet is about to appear. He will come with the pure creed of Abraham and will appear in the place to which Abraham migrated. Nevertheless, he will emigrate to another place and settle there. There are explicit signs of his Prophethood. For example, he will not eat of charity, but will accept gifts, and the seal of Prophethood will be between his two shoulders.

Now, let us leave it to Salman himself to narrate the rest of his story:

“I joined a caravan heading for the place that the late monk had mentioned. When we arrived at Wadi al-Qura’, they sold me to a Jew as a slave. When I saw gardens of date palms, I thought that that place would be where the Prophet would emigrate. While I was working there, another Jew from Banu Qurayza bought me and took me to Madina. I began working in the Jew’s date palm garden. There was no news yet of God’s Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings. However, one day I happened to be harvesting dates in a tree when a cousin of my Jewish owner came up hurriedly. He said to the Jew in anger: ‘Damn it all! All the people are flocking to Quba( The first Mosque in Islam built in Al Madina after the emigrated of the prophet to it ). A man from Makka, who claims Prophethood, has come, and they imagine him to be a real Prophet.’

I began to tremble with excitement. I climbed down from the tree and asked the man: ‘What are you talking about?’ My owner saw my excitement and slapped me on the face with the back of his hand, saying: ‘It does not concern you, mind your own business!’

On the same day, as the sun set, I went to him in Quba and presented to him as alms the food that I had brought with me. God’s Messenger did not himself touch it, but said to those around him, ‘Help yourself to this’. ‘This is the first sign,’ I told myself.

On another occasion, I presented something, but this time as a gift. He accepted it and ate it with his Companions. ‘This is the second sign,’ I told myself.

Once, after one of his Companions passed away, I attended the funeral, and I came close to God’s Messenger in the cemetery. After greeting him, I stood behind him in the hope of seeing the seal of Prophethood. His shoulders were bare. The seal was just as the monk had de-scribed it. I couldn’t help kissing it in tears and I told him my story. He was very pleased and wanted also his Companions to hear my story.”

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