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Could you do it?

When Imam Ahmed (rahimahullah) was being tortured [during the Khalqul Quran fitna], sometimes he would lose consciousness, there are reports from his doctor, that when he was nursing him back to healt, he would have to cut his dead flesh out. And there is another report from one of those who lashed Imam Ahmed, where he said “By Allah, I beat him so hard that had a camel been made to sit before me and i were to beat it in the same way, I would have made a hole in its belly” and another one of the lashers said, “Were I to give those lashes to an elephant, I would have crushed it”


So much punsihment he went through, we can’t even begin to imagine, yet

lmam Ahmad. forgave all those who harmed him, except for those who continued with their innovations.

In forgiving his fellow Muslims, he used to recite the following verse

“They should pardon and they should overlook. Would you not like Allah to forgive you? Allah is forgiving, merciful.” (Surah an-Nur, 24: 22)

Imam Ahmad rahimahullah used to say: “How is it going to benefit you that your fellow Muslim be punished because of you’

If we ponder upon the above quote, it would bring us to tears, because just imagine on the Day of Judgement your brother or sister is gettin punished because you chose not to forgive them..

“How is it going to benefit you that your fellow Muslim be punished because of you’

Brothers and sisters, forgive those Muslims who have wronged you.

May Allah give us all the ability to forgive others for the wrong they do to us, and May Allah forgive us all for our sins – Ameen


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