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“But he has slandered you!”

Ad-Dhahabi wrote:

سَأل الإمام أحمد – رحمه الله – بعض تلاميذه : من أين أقبلتم؟ قالوا: من مجلس أبي كريب، فقال: اكتبوا عنه؛ فإنه شيخ صالح، فقالوا: إنه يطعن عليك! قال: فأي شيء حيلتي؟ شيخ صالح قد بلي بي

Imam Ahmad asked some of his students: “Where did you come from?”

They said: “We came from a gathering of Abi Kuraib”.

Ahmad said: “Write from him, for he is a pious Shaykh”.

They said: “But he has slandered you!”

Ahmad said: “What can I do about that? He is a pious Shaykh being tested with me…”.

[“Siyar A’lam An-Nubala”, 11/317]

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