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Craving for Attention Betrays Sincerity


Your craving for people’s attention to your distinctions betrays your sincerity in servant hood.

Even if the servant worships Allah in secret, his hidden desire to get people’s attention and recognition for his distinction will spoil his sincerity in servant hood. People who are suffering from implicit ostentation cannot achieve absolute sincerity in their deeds because Allah knows all secret interests and intention of their mind. He who fails to purge his deeds of all traces of ostentation cannot claim sincerity in his obedience.

Let Allah’s taking notice of you outshine people’s taking notice of you; and contemplate His treatment of you to outshine their treatment of you.

The servant should not allow himself to be led by people’s comment and opinion about his deeds. Praise from people is harmful to the spiritual health in the long run as it will gradually take his focus away from Allah to people. He should train himself to concentrate on Allah thinking about his status and image in front of Him so that he can outshine people’s opinion of him.

If his thoughts revolve around Allah, nothing from people will affect him. Just like the sun outshines the moon and all other satellites, Allah’s light is capable of outshining all other sources of light.


[Source: Ibn Ata’illah in Kitab al-Hikam]

[Thanks and acknowledgement to P. Gould for sharing]

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