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The Walk of the Prophet ﷺ

It is reported from Ali (radhiallahu ‘anhu): “Rasulullah ﷺ was neither very tall nor short. The soles of both feet were fully fleshed (this quality is considered praiseworthy for men as it denotes strength and courage.) He had a large head, the joints of the bones were also large. There was a thin line of hair from the chest to the navel. When Rasulullah ﷺ walked, it appeared as if he was descending from a high place.” Ali (radhiallahu ‘anhu) also added: “I did not see anyone like him, neither before him, or after him.” 

Hasan bin Ali (radhiallahu ‘anhum) mentions in a lengthy hadith where he describes the Prophet ﷺ as he learnt it from his maternal uncle Hind bin Abi Haalah (radhiallahu ‘anhu): “…… when he walked, he lifted his legs with vigour, leaned slightly forward and placed his feet softly on the ground. He walked at a quick pace and took a rather long step. He did not take small steps. When he walked it seemed as if he was descending to a lower place. When he looked at something, he turned his whole body towards it. His blessed sight was focused more to the ground than towards the sky…..”

Anas bin Malik (radhiallahu ‘anhu) reports: ” Rasulullah ﷺ was of a medium stature, he was neither very tall nor short. He was very handsome, of medium built and his hair was neither very curly nor very straight (but was slightly wavy). He had a wheat coloured complexion. When he walked, he leaned forward slightly.” 


In the hadith the word ‘yata-kaf-fa-foo‘ is used regarding the walking of Sayyidina Rasulullah ﷺ. The ulama interpret this word in several ways. Some say it means to walk at a fast pace. Some are of the opinion that it means to lean forward a bit while walking. Some say that it means to lift the leg with force. All three explanations are correct because the walk of Sayyidina Rasulullah ﷺ fulfilled all three descriptions and the word also conveys these three meanings. 

Sayyidina Rasulullah ﷺ walked quickly and not like the Romeos of this age who walk like women. It was also the noble habit of Rasulullah ﷺ to walk with a slight forward inclination of the head and shoulders. He did not walk with his chest pushed out in pride. He lifted his legs as men do while walking and did not drag his legs on the ground. 


[Hadith compiled from Shama’il Tirmidhi (Chapter on the Noble Features of Rasulullah ﷺ) with commentary from Khasa’il-e-Nabawi by Shaykh Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhelwi]

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