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Three Levels of Piety

August 16, 2014 Leave a comment

3 levels

Piety has three levels:

One– protecting the hearts and limbs against sin and forbidden actions.

Two– protecting them against undesirable matters.

Three– protection against curiosity and whatever is not of one’s concern.

The first will grant life to the servant, the second will grant him health and power, and the third will grant him happiness and joy.

[Imam ibn al-Qayyim, al-Fawaa’id, pg56]


Men of Faith vs. Men of World?

December 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Ancient religions, especially Christianity, had divided life into two watertight compartments- temporal and spiritual- and the world into “men of the world” and “men of faith” which were not only seperate, but perpetually at war with each other. According to them, there was an intense rivalry between faith and the material world, and whoever chose one was compelled to give up the other and fight against it. No one, they asserted, could be both at the same time. Economic progress was not possible without the neglect of God-given laws, and power and rule could not be gained without giving up moral and religious precepts. In the same way, it was totally out of the question to think of piety and religiosness without renouncing the world Read more…

Five Fortresses of Faith

October 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Al-Hajawi, one of the Hanbali scholars, says that it is said that the likeness of faith is a city with five fortresses. The first fortress is of gold, the second is of silver, the third is of iron, fourth is of baked bricks, and the fifth is of unbaked bricks. So long as Read more…

Follow the way of the Sahaba (Companions of Prophet ﷺ)

May 7, 2012 2 comments

Allah the Most High states:

“And whoever contradicts and opposes the Messenger (Muhammad ﷺ) after the right path has been shown clearly to him, and follows other than the believers way. We shall keep him in the path he has chosen, and burn him in Hell – what an evil destination.”

(Surah An-Nisaa, Verse 115)

The Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ)  said Read more…

The Meaning of al-Niyyah (Intention)

May 7, 2012 1 comment

An important aspect that must be discussed is the meaning of the word ‘intention’ (niyyah).

Shaykh Saalih al-Sadlaan discusses the linguistic roots of the word al-niyyah and then has a passage that describes the meaning of the word in this context:

 “The real purpose of intention:

Some say that it is seeking something.  Some say that it means seriousness in one’s seeking.

For example, ibn Mas’ood once said Read more…

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The “As if I ate” Masjid | “مسجد “كأنني أكلت

May 19, 2011 1 comment

هل سمع أحد بمثل هذا الاسم الغريب ؟

هو جامع صغير في منطقة ‘فاتح’ في اسطنبول واسم الجامع باللغة التركية هو ‘ صانكي يدم ‘ أي كأنني أكلت
ووراء هذا الاسم الغريب قصــة … وفيها عبرة كبيرة:

Has anyone heard of such a strange name before?

This is a small masjid in the area of ‘Fatih’ in Istanbul. The name of this masjid is “Sanky Yadm” in Turkish, meaning “As if i ate”. Behind this name is a story that has a great moral… Read more…

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Unity of the Ummah

February 9, 2011 2 comments



By: Mufti Muhammad Shafi Uthmani (rahimahullah)

[English Translation]

An exellent treatise by the late Grand Mufti of Pakistan on the major issue of disunity amongst Muslim scholars and groups. A must read for those scholars, students of knowledge and activists running Islamic organisations on how they should deal with this great obstacle.

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Read more…

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