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Objective Morality and Existence of God

February 7, 2011 1 comment

Before reading the rest of this post it will necessary for you to agree that there are certain things that are 100% right and certain things that are 100% wrong. That these things are right or wrong no matter who you are, how you were raised, what culture you were raised in, what the trend in society is… etc.

This is what objective morality means that things are good or bad ragardless of human perception, experience, time, place or consensus. Read more…


Islam or Atheism: Which one makes more sense? [+ Q&A]

January 23, 2011 12 comments

Our minds are assailed by a plethora of competing ideologies that lay claim to our acceptance. An ideas faithfulness to objectivity and rationality is the measuring stick to its reality.

We attempt to address two divergent modes of thinking, each of which claim to appeal to our rationality : atheism and Islam. Islam being the epitome of a monotheistic faith that professes itself as a way of life, we thought would be a good test subject to be compared to the supposed-by-some rational appeal of atheism. Which one makes more sense? You decide! Read more…

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